Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brown Eyed Girls

Band Members
JeA (Kim Hyo Jin)
Miryo (Jo Mi Hye)
Narsha (Park Hyo Jin)
Ga In (Son Ga In)

B.E.G. is a south korean girl group under Nega Network. They debuted with R&B/ballad music back in 2006 when they formed their band. They finally transitioned to electronica/pop music in 2008 with their hit songs L.O.V.E. and How Come.
They debuted in Japan in 2010.

Your Story

Genre: Korean R&B/Electronica
Year: 2006

Track List:

1. 세컨드(second)
2. 다가와서
3. Far away (feat. MC 몽)
4. 끈
5. Every Body (feat. Big Tone)
6. 잊어가잖아
7. 오늘은 그대와 하늘 위로 (feat. Bobby Kim)
8. 넌 누굴 사랑하니?
10. 혼잣말
11. 네가 오는 날
12. Watch Out
13. 묻지 못한 이야기
14. 이제야 비로소 사랑을 말할 수 있다
15. Timing

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Leave Ms. Kim

Genre: Korean R&B/Electronica
Year: 2007

Track List:

1. There is no Man (Feat.영지)
2. I'm Laughing
3. Leave Ms. Kim
4. Tagger
5. I Got Fooled By You
6. Why Of All Things
7. Oasis (Feat.이재훈)
8. Dazzling Good Day
9. Triangle
10. Hypnosis
11. Mine
12. How Could I Love You
13. 술래 (Background Music)
14. 떠나라 미스김 (Background Music)


Sound G

Genre: Korean R&B/Electronica
Year: 2009

Track List:

1. Glam Girl
2. Abracadabra
3. Addiction
4. Candy Man
5. Moody Night
6. Strange Days
7. Can't Go
8. Although You Have A Girl
9. I'll Do Well
10. Abracadabra (Instrumental)
11. Candy Man (Instrumental)
12. I'll Do Well (Instrumental)


Sixth Sense

Genre: Korean R&B/Electronica
Year: 2011

Track List:

1. Swing it Shorty (Intro)
2. Sixth Sense
3. Hot Shot
4. La Boheme
5. The Ugly Truth
6. Lovemotion
7. Countdown (Interlude)
8. Vendetta
9. Sixth Sense (Instrumental)


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