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Band Members
Vocalist: Juri
Guitar: Leda/Yuto
Bass: Aggy
Drums: Sujk

Deluhi is a japanese visual kei band that plays mainly metalcore/hard rock. Their original name was Grave Seed but decided to change it when they finally found all the members of their band in 2008. They debuted with their huge hit songs from their album Surveillance in Tokyo they were getting very popular extremely fast. Sadly they disbanded in 2011. Still hopefully you will check them out.


Genre: J-Rock/Metalcore
Year: 2008

Track List:

1. Surveillance
2. Two Hurt
3. Vivid Place
4. 黄泉の譲り葉
5. Recall

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Genre: J-Rock/Metalcore
Year: 2009

Track List:

2. Overture -Yggdalive-
2. G.A.L.D
3. Revolver Blast
4. Flow Snow
5. Wake Up!
6. Hello
7. Follow the Future
8. Syllable -Yggdrising
9. 星の無い夜に



Genre: J-Rock/Metalcore
Year: 2011

Track List:

1. Hybrid Truth
2. Two Hurt
3. G.A.L.D.
4. Revolver Blast
5. Shade
6. Lorelei
7.  黄泉の譲り葉
8. Vivid Place
9. Rebel:Sicks, Shadow:Six
10. Baby Play
11. S[K}ape:goat
12. Orion Once Again
13. 砂の泉[新録未発表曲


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