Monday, June 25, 2012

Clear Veil

Band Members
Vocals: Saki
Guitar: Nozomi
Guitar: Ryuto
Bass: Hisayoshi
Drums: Naruka

Clear Veil is a Japanese Visual Kei band that formed in 2007. The vocalist Saki and Guitarist Nozomi are ex members of the band Clorcian. They are under the label Under Code Produtction. The band officially disbanded in April 2010 due to musical differences.


Genre: Visual Kei, J-Rock
Year: 2009

Track List:

1. The Dropping Sky
2. Cold Prey
3. Palpitation
4. A Square Room ~~Saigo no Kotoba~
5. Lapis ~Ao no Yuuutsu~
6. If...
7. Iro no Kaketa Sakura
8. Real
9. Shinja ni Sasagu Uta
10. Jougen no Tsuki
11. Otogi Ichiya

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