Monday, June 25, 2012


Band Members
Vocals: Takuya
Guitar: I-La
Bass: Senoh
Keyboards: Takashi
Drums: Yuki

Skywings is a Japanese Power Metal/Symphonic band that formed in 2003. Their hit debut song is In Bloom. They are currently signed under Burrn! Most of their songs are around 5 minutes or longer and so far their number of cd's are limited. Be sure to check out for new releases.

First Contact (EP)

Genre: Power Metal/Symphonic
Year: 2006

Track List:

1. Angels Sky
2. Universe
3. Life Crown
4. Into the Explosion

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The Advent Melody

Genre: Power Metal/Symphonic
Year: 2009

Track List:

1. The Advent Melody
2. Brightness -Skyanthem Pt. 3-
3. In Bloom
4. Eyes of Sapphire
5. Aile D'ange
6. Mort Du Ciel
7. Death Element
8. High Dreamer
9. Sleeping Beauty
10. Thousand Force


Scribble My Love/Rosalia (Single)

Genre: Power Metal/Symphonic
Year: 2010

Track List:

1. Scribble My Love
2. Rosalia

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