Thursday, July 26, 2012


Band Members
Oh Jinhwan
Teddy Park
Song Baek Kyoung
Im Taebin

1TYM is a Korean Hip Hop band also known as One Time. They currently have four members and are signed under YG Entertainment. Teddy and Taebin were living in the US at some time and then moved back to South Korea. Oh Jinhwan went into the military service in 2006 and the group had to go on a hiatus.

One Time For Your Mind

Genre: K-Hip Hop
Year: 1998

Track List:

1. 1TYM (One Time For Your Mind)
2. Get Up
3. Escape
4. Good Love
5. Falling in Love
6. What is This World For
7. My Life
8. Heaven
9. Wait for Me

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2nd Round

Genre: K-Hip Hop
Year: 2000

Track List:

1. Ack
2. Black and White
3. Ready Or Not Yo!
4. It Passes
5. Impossible Relief
6. One Love
7. What does 21st Century Mean
8. 1TYMillenium
9. Headed that Way
10. You and Me, Us Forever As One!
11. Ready Or Not Yo (English Version)


Third Time Fo Yo' Mind

Genre: K-Hip Hop
Year: 2001

Track List:

1. Nasty
2. Hello
3. Wow
4. Make it Last
5. Last Night Story
6. Hip Hop Kids
7. Mother
8. Bus
9. Sucka Busta


Once N 4 All
 Genre: K-Hip Hop
Year: 2003

Track List:

1. Freeflo
2. Uh-oh
3. Set It Off
4. Hot Dduega
5. Without You
6. Cry
7. Danny's Interlude
8. Everyday and Night
9. Kiss Me
10. It's Over
11. Teddy's Interlude
12. OK
13. Put'em Up


One Way

Genre: K-Hip Hop
Year: 2005

Track List:

1. One Way (Intro)
2. Do You Know Me?
3. What You Gunna Do?
4. How Many Times?
5. The Instruction (Interlude)
6. Danger
7. Summer Night
8. Can't Let U Go
9. Take It Slow
10. Supa Funk
11. Get Them Hands Up
12. How It Go
13. What You Gunna Do (Remix)
14. Do You Know Me? (Instrumental)


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