Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Honey L Days

Band Members
Vocals: Mitsuaki
Vocals/Guitar: Kyohei

Honey L Days is a Japanese duo of two males, Mitsuaki and Kyohei. They are signed under Avex Trax and made their big breakthrough with their single Manazashi.
Manazashi was then used as the theme song for a Japanese Drama called Tumbling. They also appeared on Music Station.
Both musicians are also actors which is how they met back in 2003 and they later formed their band together in 2008.

Tsutaetai Koto Ga Aru Kara

Year: 2010

Track List:

1. Dreamless Dream
2. Go⇒Way
3. Manazashi
4. The Meaning of That Happiness
5. Arigatou
6. It's Sweet, So Sweet
7. Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Tsuyoku Naru
8. Tsumetai Hana
9. Kimi no Phrase
10. Stay With Me
11. Namida no Kazu Dake Dakishimetai
12. Manazashi
13. Center of the World

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