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Jill Vidal

Jill Vidal

Jill Vidal is a Hong Kong pop star also known as Wei Si. She is of Chinese, Korean, and Filipino ethnicity with British nationality. She also has a twin sister named Janice Vidal who is also a singer in Hon Kong. Her father Joe Vidal, is of spanish descent who has ancestry in Cebu, Philippines and her mother is of Korean and Chinese descent from Seoul, Korea.
She also speaks English and basic Cantonese. She was signed with A Music and now is not currently active due to her arrest with marijuana and heroin possession.

Hit Me

Genre: Cantopop
Year: April, 2006

Track List:

1. Heartbreaker
2. Mon Saturday
3. Misbehave
4. Lonely
5 Get Out
6. Funny Jealously
7. Be a Man
8. Rarity Boy
9. Wordy Rappinghood
10. Lost in Paradise
11. Axel F
12. Heartbreaker MV
13. Get Out MV
14. Lonely MV

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Diamond Love

Genre: Cantopop
Year: November, 2006

Track List:

1. Computer Data
2. Trailer for 'A Melody Looking' DVD Release
3. 可可
4. 寧願你不知道
5. De Ra Go
6. 可可
7. 寧願你不知道
8. 隨時忘記
9. 意料之外



Genre: Cantopop
Year: August, 2008

Track List:

1. 听得见的青春
2. 因兽斗
3. 小圈子
4. 傻女
5. Get Out
6. Lonely
7. Axel F
8. Heartbreaker
9. De Ra Go
10. Mon Saturday
11. 可可
12. 意料之外
13. Funny Jealously
14. 随时忘记
15. Be A Man
16. Wordy Rappinghood


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