Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yellow Fried Chickenz

Band Members
Vocals: Gackt (Kamui Gakuto)
Vocals: Jon
Guitar: Takumi
Guitar: You
Guitar: Chachamaru
Bass: U:ZO
Drums: Shinya

Yellow Fried Chickenz is a Japanese Rock band lead by the popular Japanese Rock singer Gackt. Gackt also has his solo work but also has been in other bands such as Malice Mizer. Yellow Fried Chickenz formed in 2010 and their mission was to create more "manly men" in Japan. They started doing so and working on their mission by performing live shows. Jon is the lead singer from the band Fade.
Takumi has worked with Miyavi, Sugizo, T.M. Revolution and AKB48.
You is Gackt's best friend that is now working and performing along side him.
Chachamaru is the guitarist that has stuck with Gackt throughout his entire career.
And, lastly Shinya, is from the legendary band Luna Sea.

Yellow Fried Chickenz I

Genre: J-Rock
Year: March, 2012

Track List:

1. Circle
2. Saishuu Tsuukoku Countdown
3. Renai Driver ~Foo-san no Uta~
4. Last Kiss
5. Until the Last Day
6. You are the Reason
7. Mind Forest
8. Mousou Girl
9. The End of the Day
10. Mata, Koko de Aimashou
11. All My Love
12. Not Alone "Kimi wa Hitori Janai"

Official Site
Official Youtube

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