Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunny Hill

Band Members
Main Vocalist: Jubi
Vocals: Seunga
Vocals/Rapper: Kota
Vocals/Rapper: Misung
Vocals/Leader/Producer: Janghyun (Currently on hiatus)

Sunny Hill is a Korean pop group which debuted in 2007. Their debut single is Love Letter. They gained their popularity with the newer members Seunga and Jubi and Kota who was featured in Brown Eyed Girls single Mamma Mia. They made a comeback in 2011 with their mini album Midnight Circus when they added another member Misung. They have a very strong and forceful sound with fast and fierce female rappers. Be sure to check them out. They can also sound very sexy/sweet.

Midnight Circus

Genre: J-Pop
Year: June, 2011

Track List:

1. Girl with a Accordion (Intro)
2. Puppetry
3. Midnight Circus
4. Let's Talk About
5. Gido (Prayer)
6. Midnight Circus (Instrumental)

Preview 2

Antique Romance

Genre: J-Pop
Year: December, 2012

Track List:

1. Chuwojini (Getting Cold)
2. Goodbye to Romance
3. Marry Me?
4. 3 Out
5. Goodbye to Romance (Instrumental)
6. Marry Me? (Instrumental)

Preview 2

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