Monday, January 28, 2013


Band Members
Vocals: Shin Woo Suk
Guitar: Tiger Jin
Guitar/Vocals: Chainsaw Cho
Bass/Vocals: Bluce666
Drums: Choi Hyun Jin

Today, I found out about these guys, Vassline. Probably one of the harder Korean metal bands that I have found lately. They fit under the metalcore genre and I did not see a touch of "rock" in their music. So if you like metal then hopefully they will fit your style. They are an older band but still try them out. The last I checked, their music is also pretty decently priced through Amazon considering they have the mp3 albums available.

The Portrait of Your Funeral

Genre: Korean Metalcore
Year: July, 2002

Track List:

1. Aspera Fortunae
2. Crane
3. Good Life
4. The Expression of the Arrogant God
5. Missing Link
6. Question and Answer
7. Pure
8. In This Madness
9. Don't Close Your Eyes
10. Boredom in the Pressure
11. Separation
12. Seed
13. Hortus Metus (Song for Envy)

Preview 2
Preview 3

Blood of Immortality

Genre: Korean Metalcore
Year: December, 2004

Track List:

1. Letalis Silentium
2. An Ode to my Friend
3. Affirmation for the Desperate
4. Assassin of Death
5. Saddest End to One Fine Morning
6. Fear Coming
7. Eventual Acception
8. Caesar of An Occasion
9. Flowers in the Sand
10. Sanguinolentus Desperatio
11. Blood of Immortality
12. Last Cadence

Preview 2


Genre: Korean Metalcore
Year: March, 2007

Track List:

1. Awakening
2. 24 Hours
3. New World Awaits
4. Outcry
5. Memories of One
6. For the War Within
7. Final Downfall
8. Heart of Hope
9. Empty Prayers
10. Eternal Recurrence
11. Dawn of the Apocalypse
12. Black Forest
13. Curtainfall
14. Mind Control Part 2

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