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Yuki Kuramochi

Yuki is a japanese pop singer-songwriter that is under Sony Music Entertainment sub-labe Epic Records. She is known for being the vocalist in the japanese rock band Judy and Mary in the 1990's. She has had various side projects and was even a drummer for the short band Mean Machine. She however made her solo debut in 2002 with her single The End of Shite. Her maiden name is Yuki Isoya. Yuki was born in Hokkaido, Japan. My Personal favorite song from her is Hello off of her album megaphonic, I did link a good live preview of it so be sure to check it out along with the others :).


Genre: J-Pop
Year: March, 2002

Track List:

1. Nemuri Hime (Sleeping Beauty)
2. The End of Shite
3. 66db
4. Sayonara Dance
5. Wakusei ni Nore (Ride on a Comet)
6. Rainbow St.
7. I U Mee Him
8. Wasureru Uta (The Forgetting Song)
9. Ai ni Ikite (Live in Love)
10. Prism
11. Furuete Nemure (Shivering, Go to Sleep
12. Noroi (Curse)

Preview 2


Genre: J-Pop
Year: March, 2003

Track List:

1. Swells on the Earth
2. Naki Souda (I Think I'll Cry)
3. Good Times
4. strawberry
5. Rock'n Roll Star
6. Stand Up! Sister
7. Hummingbird
8. Sentimental Journey
9. Funky Fruits
10. Koibito Yo (Sweetheart)
11. Communication
12. Sabakuni Saita Hana (A Flower That Bloomed in the Desert)



Genre: J-Pop
Year: February, 2005

Track List:

1. Maiagare (Soar)
2. Joy
3. Hello, Goodbye
4. Walking on the Skyline
5. Sweet Seventeen
6. Cider
7. Air Wave
8. Wagon
9. Brake wa No (No Brakes)
10. Kiss wo Shiyou yo (We Will Kiss)
11. Tinkerbell
12. Ai Shiaeba (It is Dear, If it Meets)
13. Home Sweet Home



Genre: J-Pop
Year: September, 2006

Track List:

1. Nagai Yume (Long Dream)
2. Melancholinista
3. Dramatic
4. Hadaka no Taiyou (Naked Sun)
5. Fugainaiya (Worthless)
6. Birthday
7. Hey! You!
8. Aozora (Blue Sky)
9. You've God a Friend
10. Yume Miteitai (I Try to Dream)
11. Natsu no hero (Hero of Summer)
12. Seed of Happiness


Ureshikutte Dakiau yo

Genre: J-Pop
Year: March, 2010

Track List:

1. Asa ga Kuru (Morning is Coming)
2. Present
3. Cosmic Box
4. Rendezvous
5. Just Life! All Right!
6. Chinese Girl
7. Ren'ai Moyou (Love Pattern)
8 .Sayonara, Okaeri (Farewell, Welcome Home)



Genre: J-Pop
Year: August, 2011

Track List:

1. Hello!
2. Yuukan na Vanilla Ice Cream
3. Swaying Skirt
4. Naiteru Kaijuu (Crying Monster)
5. Climber Climber
6. My Private Idaho
7. Wild Ladies
8. Himitsu (Secret)
9. Futari no Story (Our Story)
10. Ano Musume ni Naritai (I Want to be That Girl)
11. Waraitobase (Laugh It Off)
12. Soushisouai (Mutual Love)
13. Atsumarou for Tomorrow (Let's Collect for Tomorrow)


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  1. heard one of her songs..and its great..i just loved her voice..i gonna add this album to my collection, aside from my f4 collection