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Imai Asami

Imai Asami

Imai Asami is a Japanese pop singer and voice actress who started her career back in 2009. She is under 5pb and also has grouped with Eri Kitamura and formed the group Artery Vein which is also under the same label. As a voice actress she works for Early Wing. Her voice acting career however started 10 years prior in 1999. Her first hit singles were Day by Day/Shining Blue Rain. She is also well known for giving voices to Chihaya Kisaragi in The Idolmaster, Kurisu Makise in Steins;Gate and Tsubaki Yayoi in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. I personally found out about Imai Asami by checking out the game Corpse Party which her song Shangri-La was featured in.

Color Sanctuary

Genre:  J-Pop
Year: November, 2010

Track List:

1. Color Sanctuary
2. Shining Blue Rain
3. Strawberry ~Amaku Setsunai Namida~
4. Soukyuu no Tsuki ~Crystal Moon~
5. Heavenly Sky
6. Aqua no Kiseki -Another Color-
7. Day By Day
8. Matenboshi
9. Horizon
10. It's a Fine Day
11. Hon no Sukoshi Shiawase
12. Shangri-La
13. Regret- Another Color-
14. The Azure ~Ao no Kioku~

Preview 2

Aroma of Happiness

Genre:  J-Pop
Year: November, 2011

Track List:

1. Aroma of Happiness
2. Frame Goshi no Koi
3. Kissing a Dream
4. Umi to Sora to Kimi to
5. Promised Land
6. Faraway ~Saigo no Yume~
7. Sa-yo-na-ra
8. Departure
9. Hana no Saku Basho
10. Yume no Mahoroba
11. Omoi no Hane ~Angelic White~
12. Enrai
13. Setsugen no Karma ~Snow Storm~


Precious Sounds

Genre:  J-Pop
Year: November, 2012

Track List:

1. Precious Sounds ~Kaze ga Nokoshiteitta~
2. Limited Love
3. The Azure ~Ao no Kioku~
4. Colo Sanctuary
5. Hasta La vista
6. Struggle
7. Boku Kara Kimi ni
8. Tenkuu no Honoo ~Miragem~
9. Mikazuki Iro
10. Enrai -Piano Ballad Version-
11. Gerbera~Kotoshi no Hana
12. Crescendo
13. Issho


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