Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Another Story Of The Other Side

Band Members
Vocals: Shouta
Key/Guitar/Vocals: Junya
Bass/Chorus: K-Suke
Guitar/Chorus: Kyosuke
Drums: UG

Another Story of the Other Side is a Japanese Emo/Post-Hardcore band that formed back in 2011. They are from Osaka, Japan. They are kind of a mix between One OK Rock, Coldrain, and Alesana. This is a band you have to check out, love their song The Heroes of Extinction.
Just released a new CD last month, still loving these guys! And it's available on YesAsia

But I Shouldn't Stop Here

Genre: Japanese Rock, Post-Hardcore
Year: August, 2014

Track List:

1. Introduction
2. Bot
3. Rewrite Story
4. 鼓動
5. Identifier
6. Tomorrow's Feeling

Preview - bot

Face To Your Fate

Genre: J-Rock/Post-Hardcore
Year: April, 2012

Track List:

1. Intro
2. Know Your Enemy
3. Hard to Breathe
4. It's Not Your Fate

Preview - Know Your Enemy

The Heroes of Extinction

Genre: J-Rock/Post-Hardcore
Year: February, 2013

Track List:

1. Terminus
2. Missdirection
3. The Heroes of Extinction
4. By Yourself
5. Know Your Enemy [Remix]

Preview - The Heroes of Extinction

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  1. I recently discovered this band and I looove all their songs. Heroes of Extinction was the first song that got me. It was quite an interesting and unique piece. Unfortunately their albums are sold out and its hard to find online.... I downloaded their songs but still missing hard to breathe and the intro...