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Yoon Mi Rae

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Yoon Mi Rae aka t

Yoon Mi Rae also known by her birth name as Natasha Shanta Reid is a Korean-American hip hop/R&B artisti. She was born May 31st, 1981. She is also part of the group The Movement which is a Korean hip hop crew and also belongs to that same level. She has been active for quite some time, since 1997. I realized I liked her with her song Touch Love. Be sure to check it out as well as some of her other songs.

As Time Goes By

Genre: Korean R&B/Hip-Hop
Year: September, 2001

Track List:

1. 바보
2. 시간이 흐른 뒤
3. I Miss You So
4. 슬픔에 기대어
5. 행복한 나를
6. 그대없는 사랑
7. La Musique
8. As Time Goes By (English Version)
9. She (...Could Never Be Me)
10. (Soul Flower)
11. Old School Love
12. 친구가 아닌 연인
13. La Musique (English Version)
14. 시간이 흐른 뒤
15. 하루하루

Preview - I Miss You So


Genre: Korean R&B/Hip-Hop
Year: May, 2002

Track List:

1. G火자
2. Meditation
3. Me We
4. Memories (Smiling Tears)
5. Wonder Woman
6. 끝없는 바다 저편에
7. Concrete Jungle
8. Combination Platter
9. Double Trouble
10. 남자 남자 남자
11. Memories (Smiling Tears) [English Version]
12. Mt (혁명)

Preview - Concrete Jungle
Preview - MT (혁명)

To My Love

Genre: Korean R&B/Hip-Hop
Year: December, 2002

Track List:

1. Unforgettable
2. To My Love
3. Tuesday
4. 선물
5. To My Love (English Version)
6. 끝없는 바다 저편에
7. One Day
8. Because I Love You
9. 집으로 와
10. 나는
11. 인연
12. Why Me?
13. Gotta Get Love
14. 찬바람아!
15. Because I Love You (English Version)
16. 너  (Sad But True)

Preview - Tuesday


Genre: Korean R&B/Hip-Hop
Year: February, 2007

Track List:

1. Black Diamond
2. What's Up! Mr. Good Stuff
3. You've Forgotten
4. Honeymoon
5. Gimme, Gimme!!!
6. Pay Day
7. Time and Tears Flow
8. Catch
9. Black Happiness
10. Who
11. Good Bye Sadness, Hello Happiness

Preview - Black Diamond
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