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Band Members
Rome (Yoo Ba-rom)
Si-woo (Kim Tae-min)
Ray (Kim Hyun-il)
Kang Jun
T.K. (Lee Min-woo)
Maru (Lee Jae-joon)

C-CLOWN is a Korean pop boy band who are signed under Yedang Entertainment which is a division of the group chaebol Yedang Company. It has six members and it's official fandom colour is pearl forest green. The fandom name is called Crown. 

Not Alone

Year: July, 2012

Track List:

1. I'm Not Alone
2. Solo
3. In The Car
4. Destiny
5. Solo (Instrumental)
6. In The Car (Instrumental)

Preview - Full Album
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Young Love

Year: November, 2012

Track List:

1. Because You Might Grow Distant (멀어질까봐)
2. Good Night
3. Cold
4. Because You Might Grow Distant (Acoustic Version)
5. Because You Might Grow Distant (Instrumental)
6. Good Night (Instrumental)
7. Cold (Instrumental)

Preview - Far Away
Available on iTunes

Shaking Heart

Year: April, 2013

Track List:

1. Hell Yeah!!
2. Shaking Heart (흔들리고 있어)
3. Far Far (멀리 멀리)
4. It Was Like That Then (그땐 그랬지)
5. So Pretty (너무 예뻐)

Preview - Shaking Heart
Available on iTunes

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