Friday, January 3, 2014

Caroline Lufkin

Caroline Lufkin

Caroline Lufkin is the sister to Olivia Lufkin. She was born January 9th, 1981. She is also a full time member of Mice Parade. She started her career in 2004. Her song Where's My Love? is one of my favorites, check it out below. She has a similar vocal style to her sister but her music is a lot softer.


Year: March, 2006

Track List:

1. Bicycle
2. Pink & Black
3. Sunrise
4. Where's My Love?
5. Everylittlething
6. All I Need
7. Drove Me To The Wall
8. I'll Leave My Heart Behind
9. Winter

Preview - Where's My Love?

Verdugo Hills

Year: January, 2011

Track List:

1. Balloon
2. Swimmer
3. Sleep
4. Seesaw
5. Words Flutter
6. Pink Gloom
7. Waltz
8. Lullabye
9. Snow
10. Gone

Preview - Swimmer

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