Sunday, March 16, 2014


Band Members
Vocals: Ichi
Drums: Yusuke
Bass: Shio

Ghose is a Japanese Rock/Visual Kei band. They do have some screaming in their songs and also a few breakdowns I noticed which made them go to the top of my 'like' list. Be sure to check them out. They have their first album coming out this year in May (2014).


Genre: J-Rock
Year: May, 2014

Track List:

1. 剥-haku-
2. 黙示、曖昧な温度
3. Red cage
4. Boundary Cliff
5. 檻下の情景
6. Fact.
7. 朦朧

Preview - 剥-haku-
Preview - Fact

Boundary Cliff

Genre: J-Rock
Year: April, 2013

Track List:

1. Boundary Cliff
2. 檻下の情景

Preview - 檻下の情景
Yes Asia

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