Saturday, February 11, 2012


Leader/Vocalist: Nam Ji-hyun
Main Vocalist: Heo Ga-yoon
Lead Vocalist/Lead Rapper:Jeon Ji-yoon
Main Rapper,/Vocalist: Kim Hyun-a
Vocalist/Rapper: Kwon So-hyun

Korean pop band 4Minute is a one of a kind girl group. Two members, Nam JiHyun and Kim Hyunah came from the band Wonder Girls. They are signed under Cube Entertainment. They have a more hip-hop type feel to their music and are very upbeat. Their debut song in 2009 was Hot Issue and they release their mini album that same year- For Muzik. Their second single is Muzik. The band intends to make a comeback in the year 2012.

For Muzik

Genre: K-Pop
Year:  2009

Track List:

1. For Muzik (Intro)
2. Muzik
3. Hot Issue
4. What a Girl Wants
5. Utgyeo
6. Anjullae
7. Hot Issue (Remix)



Genre: J-Pop
Year:  2010

Track List:

1. For Muzik
2. Muzik (Japanese Version)
3. Bababa
4. Hot Issue
5. Hide & Seek
6. Who's Next?
7. Huh
8. Can't Make Up My Mind
9. What a Girl Wants
10. First
11. I My Me Mine (Japanese Version)
12. Already Gone
13. December


Hit Your Heart

Genre: K-Pop

Track List:

1. Who's Next?
2. HuH
3. Invitation
4. I My Me Mine
5. Bababa
6. Highlight
7. Taeyeonhage Dangyeonhage (Cool and Natural)


4minutes Left

Genre: K-Pop
Year:  2011

Track List:

1. 4minutes Left
2. Mirror Mirror
3. Heart to Heart
4. Sweet Suga Honey
5. Pretend
6. You Know
7. Already Gone
8. First (Korean Version)
9. Hide & Seek
10. Badly


Heart to Heart

Genre: K-Pop
Year: 2011

Track List:

1. 4minutes Left (Intro)
2. Heart to Heart
3. Sweet Suga Honey!
4. You Know
4. Moreuneuncheok (Pretend)


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