Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Kiddie

Vocals: Yusa
Guitar: Yuusei & Jun
Bass: Sorao
Drums: Yuudai

The Kiddie is a five member visual kei band, formed in 2007 by Yusa and Yuudai. Their first debut single was Little Senobi and they signed with major labe King Records. After joining, their next single Smile was released. The band's dress style is not a reason to judge their music so quickly, it clashes beautifully with their upbeat rock sound and balances out with their soft vocals. This band's music gives off a happiness vibe that's sure to make you Smile.

Brave New World

Genre: J-Pop
Year: 2010

Track List:

1. Steady
2. Smile
3. Plasma
4. TeenageZ
5. 嵐の夜
6. 白鯨
7. エス・オー・エス
8. マイガール  (Bonus Track)
9. God Bless You!!!
10. Calling
11. Love
12. Re:evolution
13. Flash



Genre: J-Pop
Year: 2012

Track List:

2. Mr. Firebird
3. Sun'z Up
4. 茜射ス空、落チル影
5. .来世の女神
6. Nutty Nasty
7. サマードリーム
8. ハッピーエンドが待っている
9. Destination
10. 美しきREDRUM
11. .二人のメモリーズ
12. Stand By Me
13. アダルト (Bonus Track)


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