Saturday, July 7, 2012

Matenrou Opera

Band Members
Vocals: Sono
Guitar: Anzi
Keyboard: Ayame
Bass: You
Drums: Yuu

Matenrou Opera is a hard rock and visual kei Japanese band that formed in 2007. The band was formed by Sono and Yuu who were previousy the vocalist and drummer for the band Jeniva.
Their first concert was the same day which Alkaloid Showcase was released.
The band's single Ruri Iro de Egaku Niji was able to make it to the 11th spot on the Oricon Indies Chart and their EP Gilia was at #7.
Ayame and Anzi are ex-members of the band Ry:dia.
Matenrou Opera has also toured with the band Versailles back in 2008.
Matenrou Opera literally means Skyscraper Opera.
They are currently signed under Sherow Artist Society.


Genre: J-Rock/Visual Kei
Year: 2008

Track List:

1. Plastic Cell
2. Alkaloid Showcase
3. Twilight Parade
4. Sara
5. Koku Kara no Tegami

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Genre: J-Rock/Visual Kei
Year: 2009

Track List:

1. Seed of Anomie
2. Dolce
3. Anomie
4. Hiai to Melancholy
5. Tsuki no Suna
6. Dennou Paranoia
7. Eve
8. Nemureru Yoru
9. Last Game
10. Sexual Entrapment
11. Utopia
12. Ruri Iro de Egaku Niji
13. Honshitsu he to Tadori Ai
14. Eternal Symphony (Bonus Track)



Genre: J-Rock/Visual Kei
Year: 2010

Track List:

1. Independent
2. Mou Hitori no Hanayome
3. Frill
4. Coal Tar
5. Double Clutch
6. Futari
7. Finale...

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Otoshiana No Soko wa Konna Sekai

Genre: J-Rock/Visual Kei
Year: 2011

Track List:

1. Otoshiana no Soko wa Konna Sekai
2. Sleeping Beauty
3. Diorama Wonderland

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Genre: J-Rock/Visual Kei
Year: 2012

Track List:

1. Justice
2. Nurashita Kuchibiru de Kiss wo Shite
3. Otoshiana no Soko wa Konna Sekai
4. Helios
5. Imperial Riot
6. Mermaid
7. 21mg
8. Age
9. Just Be Myself
10. Apotoshisu
11. New Cinema Paradize
12. Kizuna
13. Designer Baby


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