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Band Members
Vocals: Chisa
Guitar: Hide
Guitar: Hayato
Bass: Tsukasa
Drums: Shikito

Nexx is a Japanese band that formed in 2009.
This band had quite a few member changes with ex members including Reia and Syou who were members of the band Vega. Reia moved onto the band Eva.
The band was going on strong until 2012 when they finally disbanded. They are still an excellent band to check out and shouldn't disappoint.


Genre: Japanese Visual Kei
Year: 2011

Track List:

1. Cap-Cell (Instrumental)
2. Injection
3. Existence
4. Awake
5. Neo World
6. Capsule
7. Dystopia
8. Psycho Circus
9. Seasons
10. Meteorite Ark

Official Site
CD Japan

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