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Band Members
Ji Hwan
Jun Hyung

2BiC is a Korean duo group consisting of two members listed above. They were formed by composer Cho Young-Soo. Their name means 2 Bi Continued which represents the two musicians coming together and continuing to make great music. They debuted in 2012 under Nextar Entertainment.
Their debut song Tto Han Yeojal Ullyeosseo was a huge hit in South Korea. It was also said the two members lost a significant amount of weight before their debut. They are two men filled with soulful voices and deserved to be checked out. Hope you guys enjoy by the provided youtube links!


Genre: K-Pop/R&B
Year: June, 2012

Track List:

1. Love Again
2. Promise You
3. Lady Lady
4. Oneulgateun Bamimyeon
5. Tto Han Yeojal Ullyeosseo (Made Yet Another Woman Cry)
6. Promise You (Piano Version)
7. Love Again (Instrumental)

Preview 2
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Back to Black

Genre: Korean R&B
Year: March, 2013

Track List:

1. Back to Black
2. Bye Bye Love
3. Angel
4.  그런 사람이 생겼어
5.  니 눈 니 코 니 입술
6.  다 잊었니
7. 24시간
8. Love Again
9. Promise You
10. Lady Lady
11. 오늘같은 밤이면
12. 또 한 여잘 울렸어
13. Promise You [Piano Version]

Preview - Love Again
Preview - Bye Bye Love
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