Friday, November 2, 2012

Yuna Ito

Yuna Ito

Yuna Ito is a Japanese singer that was born and raised in the US. Due to her Japanese Ancestry and upbringing she can speak fluent Japanese and English. She debuted back in 2005 in film and the music industry. She starred in the film NANA and her debut song was Endless Story. Also she is very good friends with the other Japanese artist Angela Aki.


Genre: J-Pop
Year: January, 2007

Track List:

1. Workhalolic
2. Endless Story
3. Losin'
4. Know-how
5. Precious
6. Tender is the Night
7. Fragile
8. Nobody Knows
9. Faith
10. Stay for Love
11. Truth
12. Perfume



Genre: J-Pop
Year: February, 2008

Track List:

1. Power of Love
2. Alone Again
3. Anata ga Iru Kagiri: A World to Believe In
4. Urban Mermaid
5. Heartbeat
6. Colorful
7. Unite As One
8. Mahaloha
9. A Long Walk
10. Moon Rabbit
11. I'm Here
12. Wish
13. Tokyo Days
14. My Heart Will Go On



Genre: J-Pop

Track List:

1. Love You
2. I Still Want to See You
3. Brand New World
4. Love Is Groovyx2
5. Trust You
6. Baila Baila
7. Breeeeezin!!!!!!!
8. Miss You
9. Love Machine Gun
10. No One Else
11. Body
12. Groovyx2 (Hidden Track)


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