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Band Members
Vocals: Yo-ka
Guitar: Kei
Bass: Shoya
Drums: Yuu

Diaura, an addicting Japanese visual kei rock band with 4 members. Their drummer Yuu had just left the band in 2012. They debuted in by Yo-ka who is an ex member of Valluna and Megamasso roadie. Kei and Yuu are also ex members of Valluna as well. Their debut song was Shitsu Tsubasa no Seiiki in 2011 and the next year they came out with their first stuido album- Genesis. They are based in Tokyo, Japan and are considered Alternative Rock with some metalcore and hard rock.
Yuu had left the band due to tendonitis, ultimately making him unable to play the drums.
They are signed with Galaxy Inc.


Genre: J-Rock/Metalcore
Year: August, 2011

Track List:

1. Fuka (SE)
2. World End (SE)
3. Naraku no Hana
4. Dictator
5. Master
6. Infinite



Genre: J-Rock/Metalcore
Year: March, 2012

Track List:

1. A Genesis of the End (SE)
2. Terrors
3. Imperial Core
4. Futatsu no Kizuato
5. Dear Ruler
6. Kinshiroku
7. Another Gate
8. Zangetsu no Tomoshibi
9. Lost November
10. An Insanity
11. Ever
12. Ms. Psycho (Bonus Track)

Preview 2
CD Japan


Genre: J-Rock/Metalcore
Year: March, 2013

Track List:

1. Taidou
2. Reborn
3. Anti People
4. Kindanryouiki
5. Garden of Eden
6. Virgin Mary

CD Japan

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