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Masami Mitsuoka

Masami Mitsuoka

Masami Mitsuoka is a Japanese pop singer that was born on August 14, 1986. She is also known by her stage name Mizca She was raised in Toyota, Aichi. She originally debuted in the girl group Sister Q and her stage name them was Masami in 2005. They disbanded the next year but fortunately Masami was contracted then with Pony Canyon and continued her career with her debut solo Hana, which is an awesome song. She was signed under new labels such as Toshiba-EMI and Nippon Crown and at one point made it to number thirteen on the Oricon weekly charts. She had started with only singing just pop music but her genre changed to technopop as her song Robotics released in 2009.

Black Diary

Genre: J-Pop
Year: January, 2009

Track List:

1. Last Cross
2. I Am
3. End for End
4. Todoka nai omoi ~Road Another Story~
5. Distance Love
6. Jewel Days
7. Refind
8. Chess Board
9. Black Diary
10. As For You
11. Hana
12. Bokutachi no Shippai
13. Single Stone

Preview - Black Diary
Preview - Hana


Genre: J-Pop
Year: July, 2010

Track List:

1. Kirakira☆ (Sparkling)
2. Dame yo♡
3. Sadness Plus
4. Robotics
5. C♡ndy Girl
6. United to the Sky 2.0
7. Chu! (Kiss)
8. Best!_Best!_Best!
9. Kisses
10. Jump
11. Truly Lovely
12. Takkun ga Suki na no... (Takkun is the One I Like)

Preview - Robotics
Preview 2 

Past Trunk

Genre: J-Pop
Year: January, 2012

Track List:

1. Out of Step
2. Inter face
3. Dead End
4. Nothing Spirit
5. Private Moon
6. Kaleidoscope
7. Monologue Letter
8. Trick
9. Real Face
10. Doll
11. Innocence
12. Garden

Preview - Real Face
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