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Band Members
Bass: Megumi Ueno
Vocals: Ayumu

Zwei is a Japanese duo formed in 2003. Megumi Ueno is a model who models for the brand SeXpoT RevenGe and has also appeared in Kera magazine. Their career started in 2004 under VAP and their debut single was Movie Star. The band has a techno-rock style and have sometimes been compared to Depeche Mode. In 2007 the band joined Universal Music Group and then quit and went to 5pb in 2010. This is where the band started gaining popularity as they starting making songs for video games under that company. They then were able to sing the opening song to the visual novel Robotics;Notes as well as the anime adaptation of the same name as well.

Pretty Queen

Genre: J-Rock/Electronic
Year: October, 2004

Track List:

1. Pretty Queen
2. Movie Star
3. Find Me
4. Love Land
5. Keep Giving
6. Watashi Gai no Uta
7. ~I Love Your Mouth~
8. My Name is Megu
9. [24/7]
10. DNA
11. Rain

Preview - Movie Star
Preview - 24/7
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Z (Zeta)

Genre: J-Rock/Electronic
Year: December, 2005

Track List:

1. Fake Fake ☆
2. Dragon
3. Bubblegum Dream
4. Denny
5. Ice Breaker
6. Taiyou ga Miteru Basho
7. Hikari
8. Trick Kids
9. Tsumi to Batsu
10. Shiroi Machi
11. ∞ ~infinity~

Preview - Hikari
Preview - Denny
Preview - Fake Face
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Genre: J-Rock/Electronic
Year: March, 2013

Track List:

1. Re:Set
2. 純情スペクトラ
4. 幻影のメビウス
6. オカルティクスの魔女 (Zwei Ver.)
7. メフィストフェレスの黙示
8. 風の旋律
9. あの夏の日の想い出
10. ソラノシズク
11. イナンナの見た夢
12. 拡張プレイス
13. 小指のパラドックス
14. Forever More

Preview - Re:Set
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