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Yui Horie

Yui Horie

Yui Horie is a Japanese pop singer and voice actress. She was born September 20, 1976. Her nickname to her closest fans is Hocchan. Her birthname is Yoshiko Horie.
Yui hosts her own radio show called Horie Yui no Tenshi no Tamago and is the founding member of Aice5. She is also a member of the band Kurobara Hozonkai with the name YUIEL.
Her voice actressing career has featured her in roles as Tohru Honda in the anime Fruits Basket, Naru Narusegawa in Love Hina, Haruka in Kurogane Communication, and in the video game Voice Fantasia. Her singing career mainly took off when she was voice acting for the anime Fruits Basket and released her first music album Mizutamari ni Utsuru Sekai back in 2000. She has also won the Best Supporting Voice Actress in the 4th Seiyu Awards.

Mizutamari ni Utsuru Sekai

Genre: J-Pop
Year: December, 2000

Track List:

1. Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
2. Insistence
3. Ohayou (Good Morning)
4. Raburii (Lovely)
5. Kigokochi no Warui koi nante (I Don't Need Love, It's Uncomfortable to Wear)
6. Yakusoku ~Eternal Promise~
7. Sentakuki no naka kara
8. Ai no Katachi (The Shape of Love)
9. Squall Crawl
10. Happy Happy Rice Shower
11. I Wish
12. Happy Love To You

Preview - Sakura
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Kuroneko to Tsuki Kikyu o Meguru Boken

Genre: J-Pop
Year: November, 2001

Track List:

1. Voice of the Morning (Asa no Koe)
2. Kono Yubi Tomare
3. Fake Fur
4. Pure
5. Love Destiny
6. Gravity
7. Wings (Tsubasa)
8. Moon Balloon
9. Donna koto datte (Whatever May Happen)
10. Key to the Heart
11. So depecher
12. Atarashii doa e (Towards a New Door)
13. A Little Spoonful of Courage

Preview - Wings


Genre: J-Pop
Year: July, 2003

Track List:

1. My Favorite Bicycle
2. Romantic Flight
3. Eyes Memorize
4. Mitsumeraretara ~ When I Fall In Love With You
5. Rain
6. It's My Style
7. Taimu Kapuseru (Time Capsule)
8. Himawari to Hikokigumo (Sunflowers and a Vapor Trail)
9. Angel
10. All My Love
11. Tomorrow
12. I Just WAnna Be With You
13. In the Sky

Preview - Time Capsule
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Rakuen (Paradise)

Genre: J-Pop
Year: April, 2004

Track List:

1. Clover
2. A Girl In Love
3. Nijiiro Sachi (Searching for the Color of the Rainbow)
4. Baby, I Love You!
5. Tutty Fruity
6. Koigokoro (Awakening of Love)
7. Nami no Mabataki (Sparkling of the Waves)
8. On My Way
9. Try Again
10. Kokoro Harete yo mo Akete (When the Heart Becomes Unclouded, dawn to will come)
11. Egao no Rensa (Connection of the Smiling FAces)
12. Be Free
13. Invitation

Preview - Baby, I Love You

Usotsuki Alice to Kujirago o Meguru Boken

Genre: J-Pop
Year: November, 2005

Track List:

1. Hajimari no Uta (A Starting Song)
2. Mushroom March
3. Turning the World's Love Into Words
4. Blue Forest
5. Shiny Merry-Go-Round
6. Whale Light Beam
7. Puzzle
8. Itsuka (Someday)
9. Day by Day
10. Scramble
12. Will
13. Whistle

Preview - Mushroom


Genre: J-Pop
Year: January, 2008

Track List:

1. Lalala Song of Love
2. Time Machine
3. Days
4. God Please
5. To Be In Love with the Weather Chart
6. Say Cheese!
7. The Words That Can't Be Conveyed
8. Light
9. Love Me Do
10. Lovely Everyday
11. The Clear Wind Blows
12. Always
13. Hello
14. Little Honey Bee

Preview - Love Me Do

Honey Jet

Genre: J-Pop
Year: July, 2009

Track List:

1. Moment
2. Jet!!
3. Secret Garden
4. Prism
5. Vanilla Salt
6. Spica
7. Silky Heart
8. Get Up and Go
9. Peppermint Days
10. Love Countdown
11. Blue Rainy Days
12. Kimi no Soba ni
13. Dear...

Preview - Vanilla Salt
Preview - Silky Heart

Himitsu (Secret)

Genre: J-Pop
Year: February, 2012

Track List:

1. Secret ~Prologue~
2. Kiss To You
3. Coloring
4. True Truly Love
5. Secret ~Kimi wo Miteta~
6. Ima Kara Kimi Moto e
7. Presenter
8. Immoralist
9. Mission
10. Dead Future
11. Childish Love World
12. Yahho!!
13. Sky Fish
14. Secret ~Machiawase~

Preview - Coloring
Preview - Immoralist

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