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Band Members
Vocals: Shuntarock
Guitar: U-tang
Guitar: MEG
Bass: Hirose
Drums: Miyabi

2Side1Brain is a Japanese Screamo/Post-Hardcore band from Okinawa, Japan. They are signed with BorntoLove Records and formed back in 2004.

Singing Like Flood

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Screamo
Year: August, 2008

Track List:

1. Beckon Me
2. Gnosis
3. Make Your World
4. Beautiful Days
5. C O S
6. Romantic (You)
7. Ano Okano Ai to Yobareta Kino Shitani
8. Singing Like Flood

Previews on iTunes
Available on iTunes

Wake Up My Emerald

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Screamo

Track List:

1. Wake Up My Emerald
2. Pray For You

Preview - Wake Up Emerald
Preview - Pray For You

Blood Eyes Red

Genre: J-Rock/Screamo/Post-Hardcore

Track List:

1. Under The Winter Sky
2. You Are Beautiful
3. Three Words
4. You Sang
5. Disappoint
6. Grace
7. 30 Floors Down
8. In My Shadow
9. All Is Gone
10. Sayonara

Preview - You Sang
Preview - You Are Beautiful
Available on iTunes

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