Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Crowd of Rebellion

Band Members
Vocals: Miyata Epica
Guitar/Vocals: Ryosuke Kobayashi
Guitar/Vocals:  Maruyama
Bass: Yusuke Takai
Drums: Takeshi Kondo

A Crowd of Rebellion is Japanese Screamo/Post-hardcore/Metalcore band that formed back in 2007. You will like this band if you have listened to Coldrain and 2Side1Brain. Check out their song Satellitear below, one of their best songs.

Official Site

Across The Discord

Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore
Year: January, 2012

Track List:

1. My Road is Led Without Fail and Discord
2. Fall Out of the World, Escapes From the Spell
3. Immediately Before Termination


Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore
Year: February, 2012

Track List:

1. The Beautiful Comatose State
2. If The Sunrise Dye This Room, Let's Drink It!
3. All Flowing Words
4. The Children Has Beretta
5. Hydrangea

Preview - Hydrangea
Amazon MP3
Available on iTunes


Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore
Year: June, 2013

Track List:

1. Satellitear
2. 8 Cigars Killed Yesterday
3. O.B.M.A
4. The Ilex Allowed Clarity Hate
5. Blood Sphere Waits For
6. Forget Me Not

Preview - Satellitear
CD Japan
Available on iTunes

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