Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Band Members
Lee Haeri
Kang Minkyung

Davichi is a South Korean pop duo that formed in 2008 by Mnet Media. They became a hit with their debut song, "I Love You Even Though I Hate you." These girls have innocent appearances but have strong powerful voices. Be sure to check them out.


Genre: K-Pop
Year: January, 2008

Track List:

1. I Love You Even Though I Hate You
2. Putting On Lipstick
3. The Bad Me That's Hurt
4. Sad Promise
5. Old Love
6. Sad Love Song
7. Starry Night
8. Is That How It Is?
9. Barely
10. Opposite of Breaking Up

Preview - I Love You Even Though I Hate You
Preview - Putting On Lipstick

Davichi In Wonderland

Genre: K-Pop
Year: February, 2009

Track List:

1. 8282
2. Accident
3. My Man
4. Is Love Funny
5. Music Box
6. Crazy Woman


Genre: K-Pop
Year: May, 2010

Track List:

1. Time, Please Stop
2. First Kiss
3. Don't Leave
4. I Can't Love You or Say Goodbye
5. Shadow

Love Delight

Genre: K-Pop
Year: August, 2011

Track List:

1. Don't Say Goodbye
2. Love, My Love
3. Don't Find Me Again
4. Happy End
5. Secret
6. Don't Say Goodbye (Instrumental)

Mystic Ballad

Genre: K-Pop
Year: March, 2013

Track List:

1. One Person's Story
2. Just the Two Of Us
3. Turtle
4. Cry for Love
5. Taste of Tears
6. Things That Still Come Up In My Memory
7. Be Warmed
8. Nagging
9. I Want to be Brave and Breakup
10. You are my Everything
11. Just the Two of Us (Instrumental)
12. Turtle (Instrumental)

Preview - Just The Two of Us

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