Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cinema Staff

Band Members
Vocals: Mizuki Iida
Guitar: Yuki Tsuji
Bass: Sohei Mishima
Drums: Yohei Hisano

Cinema staff was initally formed by Yuki, Mizuki, and Sohei back in 2003. Yohei joined the band in July of 2006 and they have since had the same line up as of 2013. The band got their main media's attention for the performance at Sakae Spring 2008. They have a pop melody mixed with alternative rock. Mizuki has some very smooth vocals and you will just fall in love with his voice. This is a band I have to say is another unique rock band that will go far as long as they don't dramatically change their sound. Check them out on bandcamp as well and support them. I put a preview to their song below, AMK Hollic, probably one of my favorite songs by them.


Genre: J-Rock
Year: November, 2008

Track List:

1. AMK Hollic
2. Rolling
3. Cycle
4. Don't Be Nice To Me
5. In The Clubroom
6. Karakuri in the Skywalkers

Available on iTunes


Genre: J-Rock
Year: June, 2009

Track List:

1. Change Up
2. Boys Will Be Scrap
3. Delusional Circuit
4. Symmetrism
5. Twelfth Sense

1. AMK Hollic
2. Change Up
3. Twelfth Sense
4. In the Clubroom
5. Don't Be Nice To Me
6. Karakuri In The Skywalker

Preview - AMK Hollic
Preview - Change Up

Blue, Under The Imagination

Genre: J-Rock
Year: July, 2010

Track List:

1. Imagination
2. I Want To Be You
3. Truth Under The Imagination
4. I Am Punished
5. Nitro
6. Vital Sign

Live CD
1. AMK Hollic
2. 12th Sense
3. Boys Will Be Scrap
4. Rolling
5. Delusion Circuit
6. Cycle
7. Change Up
8. Don't Be Nice
9. Karakuri in the Skywalkers

Preview - I Want To Be You
Available on iTunes

Cinema Staff

Genre: J-Rock
Year: June, 2011

Track List:

1. March of the White Desert
2. Burn
3. Skeleton
4. Lucid Dream
5. You Equal Me
6. Super Throw
7. Cockpit
8. Laboratory
9. Rust Theme
10. Somehow
11. About the Sea

Preview - Skeleton
Also available on iTunes

Into The Green

Genre: J-Rock
Year: June, 2012

Track List:

1. Into The Green
2. 棺とカーテン
3. チェンジアップ(Re-Recording)
5. Karakuri In The Skywalkers (Re-Recording)
6. AMK Hollic (Re-Recording)

Preview - Into The Green

Salvage You

Genre: J-Rock
Year: September, 2012

Track List:

1. Kiseki
2. Warp
4. Her method
7. Salvage Me

Preview - Kiseki
CD Japan

Great Escape

Genre: J-Rock
Year: August, 2013

Track List:

1. Great Escape
2. Boukyou
3. Seiki no Hakken
4. Into The Green
5. Kakumei no Yokujitsu
6. Seinansei no Niji
7. Tokenai Kori

Preview - Great Escape
CD Japan

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