Monday, January 27, 2014

Art Cube

Band Members
Vocals: Z (Zeta)
Guitar: Y
Bass: N
Former Members: M, S (Drummer)

Art Cube is an indie Visual Kei band that formed in 2007. I don't believe this band has disbanded yet but if anyone knows please email me to let me know. All I know is they do have a slow release rate, which is what I figured was the case with them. Not too band if you like visual kei bands. All members are former members of Brain Hacker. M used to be a support Keyboardist for Malice Mizer during their last year together before their indefinite hiatus.

Art Cube

Year: December, 2010

Track List:

1. u.b.u.g.o.e
2. Rengechuu
3. Kaigenkyo
4. Pain~wing...
5. Rurisame
6. Kumo ni Shibarareta 12 no Kyoukai
7. Hanahikage~Petal
8. Blue Heaven
9. False Prayer
10. Soaring Awakening
11. You're Here...
12. Niji ni Sarawarete ~mu no Kaihou e~

Preview - Blue Heaven
Preview - Pain~Wing...

Kikei Bako ~Bad Ass Cube~

Year: 2009

Track List:

1. 飢想情景
2. Kikeibako ~bad ass cube~
3. Yume Byosha
4. Ai Byosha
5. Karan Joukei
6. Iro Byosha
7. Ma Byosha

Preview - Yume Byosha PV

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