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Band Members
Vocals: KO-JI
Guitar: Yuki
Bass: Toshiya
Drums: Shun

Arc was a four member Japanese rock Visual Kei band that formed in April, 2003. They were signed with UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. The band formed in the Kansai region. Unfortunately they disbanded in April, 2011 and the members formed a new band called FUTURIZM.BOYZ.

Natsumelo Mix

Year: December, 2006

Track List:

1. Yuukaidou (Amusement Road)
2. Ai Kitaru Hi (Love Next Day)
3. Hageshisa to Kanashia no Yue ni... (Because of Violence and Sadness)
4. Hitoribocchi no Futari Heya (A Double Room's Loneliness)
5. 13-sai Ningyou (13 Year Old Doll)
6. Katenai! Makenai! Hana wa Saki☆ (Lose! Win! The Flower Blooms)

Preview - 13-sai Ningyou Live

Departure of One's Lot

Year: February, 2008

Track List:

1. Difference
2. Flow
3. Film no Kakera (Fragments of Film)
4. Ito no Kane (Bell String)
5. Fancifury The Age
6. Calculation Megumi (Goddess)

Preview - Calculation Megumi PV


Year: September, 2008

Track List:

1. G.A.P. Kenja Yori (From the Wise Man)
2. Sekibetsu (Parting Regrets)
3. Rular
4. Sora. Itsuka (Sky. Someday)
5. Hasshin Rireki (Personal History Transmission)
6. the


[F] face

Year: March, 2009

Track List:

1. Ame Namida Aiiro (Rain, Tears, Sad Colors)
2. Kakurenbo (Hide-and-Seek)
3. Nagareboshi (Shooting Star)
4. Sou no Kokoro (A Mind's Thoughts)
5. Calculation Megami (Goddess)
6. F's
7. Crash Berry
8. Dose
9. Dakara, Aishitemasu (Therefore, I Love You)
10. 1823-nichi (1823th Day)


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