Thursday, September 20, 2012


Band Members
Vocals: Akane
Guitar: Satoshi
Guitar: Yuuya
Bass: Aizawa Shou
Drums: Shou

Para:noir is a Japanese alternative metal band that formed in Tokyo, Japan at the begining of 2009.
The band bases their musical concept on Nihilism.
They released their first single, The Virtues, back in December, 2009.
Akane, Satoshi, and Aizawa Shou are now in the band D.I.D. -Until the Day I Die-.
Currently they have disbanded but make sure to check out their new band which will be posted soon!

The Red in the Monochrome

Genre: J-Alternative Metal
Year: December, 2010

Track List:

1. John Doe (Instrumental)
2. Foolish Stereotypes
3. Nakushita Ryoute
4. The Red
5. Show Time in the [xxx]
6. Good Morning, Mother Fucker
7. S.K.P

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A 21g Meaningless Existence

Genre: J-Alternative Metal
Year: August, 2011

Track List:

1. Jane Doe (Instrumental)
2. 21g
3. Screaming Party!!!
4. Lilly of the Valley
5. The Virtues
6. A Forlorn Hope
7. Identity
8. Paradox
9. Blindness Maria
10. Re:gret
11. Taste of the Rust
12. -Bite the Bullet-
13. Merciless Sorrow-666-
14. A Meaningless Existence



Genre: J-Alternative Metal
Year: April, 2012

Track List:

1. Anti+Christ Anthem
2. Good Morning, Mother Fucker
3. I Want to Die
4. 瓦解
5. December 24
6. Nihilism


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